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Trying to put together a list of angel investors


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    I know in Iowa both Prairie Angels & Ames Seed capital are pretty active. Would be awesome if anyone had a list of those folks :) I know there are a bunch of active folks here. Mike, Tej, Brad all come top of mind. I’d throw myself in that bucket but I haven’t been doing much of anything lately.

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      The best way to do this is by angel group. Not all individuals are public about this. The simple reason is that we get bombarded with a lot of “interesting business opportunities” that look nothing like an angel investment. A great source for angels and groups is gust.com. Most angel groups list themselves on gust.com. Many of these, including Plains Angels here in Des Moines, use Gust.com as their deal room software and application portal.

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        I wasn’t aware of Gust beginning the primary resource for Angels. Thanks for the info and I might need to rethink about the list creation.

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          On the founder side this process is so so so bad. Angels are just so much more accessible in other markets.

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            You are absolutely right Ben. The Midwest has a long ways to go to catch up

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          There’s also Queen City Angels, Ohio Tech Angel Fund, and North Coast Angel Fund here in Ohio!